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And just when you thought your day couldn’t get any better… it’s time for the dance. The Grands Entertainment offers an exclusive, State-of-the-Art, in-house, sound-light-and-video system like nothing you’ve seen before. The dance floor comes alive with moving lights as you dance to all your favorite songs. You and your guests can request songs right from your table using any smart phone. The optional back lighting and up-lighting help bring the celebration to a whole new level. Let The Grands Entertainment help make all your wedding day dreams come true!

Our entire light show is mounted over the dance floor which gives a real “Dance Club” feel. Our on-staff DJ’s are some of the best in Central Minnesota and they guarantee to entertain while keeping the dance floor packed all night long. With ‘The Grand’s Entertainment’, there is no more having the DJ set up gear while your guests are eating, wonder if they’ll have the music you want, or hoping that everyone sticks around. Our on-staff entertainers are ready to start the fun as soon as you are and will have the dance floor packed the entire night.

This is a game changer in wedding reception entertainment and we want to offer it to you. Don’t gamble the end of your wedding day on a mobile DJ company who over promises and under delivers. The dance is the longest single event of the day and the fact is, the DJ can make or break your reception.

Meet your DJs

Our on-staff entertainers are ready to start the fun as soon as you are and will have the dance floor packed for your event.

Grands at Mulligans Reception Pillar

DJ Yoda (Larry Rowe)

Larry has been in the Wedding industry for over 20 years and loves getting to celebrate with couples on one of the happiest days of their lives.

Favorite Tradition: First Dance - 'couples have planned for months/years...this is the moment just for them. Watching as two people who've fallen in love share their first dance for the first time as a married couple is something special.'

DJ Strength: 'the ability to read a crowd and play music that fits to their style and group. Having extensive music knowledge from a wide array of genres helps as well.'

DJ Blakk (Chaz James)

Chaz has been in the Wedding Industry for 15 years and loves helping to make lasting memories, along with challenging himself to make the experience for couples so great that it makes their day as amazing as possible!

Favorite Tradition: Grand March - 'I love creating that moment for the couple! Not everyone gets to feel what game 7 of the NBA Finals is but when I do a Grand March I try to bring that energy that your the star player!'

DJ Strength: 'I am flexible and roll with the punches. One of my personal goals is to feel like I have been a part of your squad for decades!'

Newly Weds kissing after ceremony
Grands at Mulligans Reception Pillar

DJ Alli (Allie Stroschein)

Allie has been in the Wedding Industry for 10 years and loves creating energy and an amazing vibe on the dance floor to keep everyone engaged and having fun the entire night!

Favorite Tradition: Anniversary Dance - 'I love hearing the advice from the couples married the longest. Sometimes it's so heartfelt and other times it can be quite funny!'

DJ Strength: 'Being able to relate to the couple and various crowds, read an audience, and entertain a wide age range all night!'

DJ Derek Lee

Derek has been in the DJ Industry for over 10 years! He's been a KCLD radio station personality and really wanted to get out more involved with Weddings!

Favorite Tradition: 'Dinner of course! Especially with The Grands food is amazing but I love the Grand March. Rocking on the mic and announcing the couple for the first time is amazing!'

Go To Wedding Song: ''It’s Raining Men” for myself, but for a crowd…Chubby Checker, Love Shack, Prince, Bruno Marsand, The Cupid Shuffle always get a crowd pumped up!'

Newly Weds kissing after ceremony
Grands at Mulligans Reception Pillar

DJ Rellek (Deandre Keller)

Deandre has been DJing since he could remember! He brings a fresh young feel to every wedding and it really shows while he's on the mixing board!

Favorite Aspect of Weddings: 'I'm a softy for love! I enjoy bringing two families together through the power of entertainment and music!'

DJ Strength: 'My ability to mix multiple genres and interact with the crowd!

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